The main characteristic of the ALL IN ONE filter is the ability to make different recipes using the same filter. It is necessary to have an espresso machine with pressure profiles to adapt the extraction according to your taste. The ALL IN ONE filter can make espresso, brewing, infusion and cafè crème extractions. The ALL IN ONE filter can be used also for CASCARA or THE infusion. Use 4 gr of cascara or 3 gr of leaf tea in the B702TH25/ONE filter to obtain around 200 ml of drink.
IMS code B702TFH21.5BB
Suitable to tampers D.58/58.4mm, ridgeless, edge D.70mm.
It fits: La Marzocco, Synesso, Slayer, Kees Van Der Westen, Nuova Simonelli, Victoria Arduino, Rancilio, Promac, Magister, Astoria, Conti Sacome, Elektra, La Pavoni, Fracino, Faema, VBM, Wega, Ascaso, Bezzera, BFC Royal, Bianchi, Brasilia, DID Orchestrale, ECM, Expobar, Fiorenzato, Grimac, Iberital, La Nuova Era, La Scala-Symphony, Quality Espresso, Rocket, Royal First, SAnremo, Sab/Sv Italia, VFA, E61 standard.


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