Also available in white and green color
- Practical, aesthetic and functional retractable lever
- The aluminium body is designed in a way that all parts contacting
the coffee are made of materials certified for food use.
- Vertical flat burrs.
Pietro's true revolution, designed for perfect extraction and made of M340 steel certified for food use and produced in-house by Fiorenzato's R&D department in two different geometries.
- Using the M-MODAL burrs, on the other hand, a unimodal curve is achieved that reduces the concentration of fines as much as possible and has a high peak of boulders, in order to extract maximum aromatics.
- Stepless adjustment dial tht makes a 360° turn and each click is approximately 15 micros.
- A mechanism that totally eliminates retention, grinding all the coffee introduced and avoiding any waste, for perfect tasting.
- Quick and easy maintenance to clean.
- Hermetically sealed so the container and top cap preserve the aroma of the coffee.
- A non-slip base to put ease of use first and ensure stability during grinding.


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